Friday, October 29, 2010

Forgotten USB Flash Drive

We headed back to the Garden Lodge in Stone Town today.  After arriving and settling into my room, I decided to walk to the old Post Office in centre town where a local internet shop with reasonable internet rates was set up.  When I arrived at the internet shop, I reached for my Flash Drive – NOT THERE!...  Oh, oh!  It then dawned on me that I left it at the internet place in Nungwi.  Panic set in, as there was all sorts of personal, private information on it, as well as a list of passwords.  The stick was secure and required a password to access it; as well, once you got past the first password, then another password was required to access the list of important passwords, so the stick was pretty secure.  However, this still didn’t alleviate my concern; as well, it was a 16mb stick so was worth $ to get it back.  I immediately checked with a local cab to see what it would cost to drive me back to Nungwi (about a one-hour drive).  $50 was the quote.  However, before hiring the cab, I had to go back to my room to fetch some money as I was not in the habit of carrying large sums of money with me.  On the way back I came across the GAP guide and explained what had happened.  He immediately got ahold of the local GAP agent and arranged for a driver and vehicle to take me back to Nungwi for the cost of fuel ($30).  That was great of GAP, so anyway I got my flash drive back and everything is now cool.
The rest of the day I spent walking the narrow streets of Stone Town and browsing the markets, and for some reason got the idea in my head that I wanted to photograph some of the old doors and windows in  the many older buildings in the area.

A group of us had supper at an Arab restaurant where we had to sit on cushions on the floor.  The food was slow coming and sitting on the floor was really uncomfortable for me, so I didn’t really enjoy it that much.

Tomorrow we are off to an early start as we have to make the ferry to Dar es Salaam where we will meet our GAP truck and head off for the two-day drive to the Serengeti.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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